House Rules

Rent a Country House in the Basque Country

Tourist Companies Registration Number of the Basque Government ESS 00598

The Client (Tenant) will rent Caserio Pikamendi, as described in the present website, fully-equipped to accommodate a maximum of 12 adult guests, for the duration of the days and price specified in the written agreement (Email) between Client (Tenant) and Owner (Lessor). The maximum number of guests cannot be exceeded 12 and it will be defined by the way the rooms are allocated.

The Caserío is not organized/prepared for children, but if you wish to bring your children under sixteen, please let us know in your email at the time of booking and we will try to find a way to accommodate them. If it is not possible, we will apologize to you, feeling sorry that we cannot do it. The complete and total responsibility of the children in case of being admitted will always be of the person/s who decide to bring them to the Caserío.

The rate is shown in the chapter entitled The Caserío, or on the Contact and Bookings page.

The agreed rent includes the use of the main building and all the common areas, except office and kitchen. The rooms and spaces used by the staff that attend the Caserío and where the offices are located are not included in the rent. The staff of the Caserio will exclusively and only use the office and the kitchen.

The arrival at the Caserío must take place after 3:00 p.m. on the day the stay begins, and the departure before 12:00 p.m. on the day it ends.

Services Included with the Rental Fee.- The rental fee includes the following services: cleaning of the Caserío including bedrooms and bathrooms, Change linen and towels every time is needed. Gel and shampoo and any other related needs during your stay, Hairdryer in the bath, TV and wifi Radio in the rooms and in some other areas of the building, Safe case in all rooms. Heating during winter time, use of outdoor Swimming Pool and Gym at the client’s own risk (there is no lifeguard nor personal trainer), garden maintenance, and the use of an open parking area for up to 6 vehicles. The bedrooms and common areas are provided with Wi-Fi connection but since we are in the country, we have not optical fiber.

Optional services.- Optional services may be hired in advance with an additional charge that will be specified in the (e-mail) written agreement. Please tell us what you need and we will do our best to satisfy your needs. At the time you make the reservation, please let us know if you need any help in organizing your visit to the Basque Country and we will be more than happy to help you in tailor the program for the days you would like to stay at the Caserío.

Currency.- The currency for prices will be always  in Euro. Payments may be done in Euro, GB Pound or US Dollar at an exchange rate that we will provide if needed. Please tell us the currency you prefer at the time of making the reservation.

Reservations, Payment and Cancellation Policies. – The total rental fee including the pre-booked optional services must be done through bank transfer in euros to the following account:
Beneficiary: Borbrugon S.L. Caserío Pikamendi
IBAN: ES66 0019 0320 1740 1003 6773
All costs associated to the transfers must be afforded by the person who order it.

Provisional bookings may be done at any time. Formal reservations should be made three months in advance of the expected arrival date. To stay in the Caserío you will always need to make a firm reservation at least 72 hours before the expected date of arrival. For the reservation to be firm, the client must have paid by bank transfer 50% of the total amount corresponding to the service. Cancellations of reservations imply the loss of the deposit made. In any case, the total amount of the service (including VAT) must have been fully paid 72 hours before the date of arrival. From this moment on, it is assumed that the Caserío has been rented, so if the client were unable to occupy the Caserío, he would lose all the amount paid.

End of the Lease Period.- The rental ends automatically when the agreed period is over. No extensions without a prior written agreement with the Lessor will be entertained.

Complaints.- Any complaints must be lodged in written form by our email:

Governing Law.- The rental agreement will be governed under the local (Spanish, Basque Country Autonomy and City Hall of Guetaria) Law.

The Tenant and the rest of the Guests are expected to follow the house rules.

Identification of Guests. – An ID is required to be sent by the person who makes the reservations at the time he or she makes the Formal booking/reservation. An original ID will be required to all the guests who stay at the Caserío, before they occupy the rooms.

Pets.- If you wish to bring any kind of pet (dog, cat, etc.) you will need to get prior written authorization of the Lessor. Pets will be allowed only outside the main building. The Tenant will be responsible for the care and supervision of the animal at all times and will pay for any damages that it may cause. If you bring your pet you will have to make an additional deposit of €1.000,00 as guaranty.

Smoking.- Smoking anywhere inside the Caserío is strictly forbidden by Law.  You can smoke outside the Caserío at a minimum distance of five meters from any building​. It is necessary to take precautions to avoid fires as the Caserío has a wooden structure.

Swimming Pool & Gym.- Notice that the swimming pool is not supervised by a lifeguard, and we have not personal trainer for the Gym, Guests will use both at their own risk.

The Lessor will not be liable for breakdowns, absence or interruption of any service or supply as a result of force majeure or fortuitous case. However, the Lessor will find a solution to the problem/s as soon as possible.

The Tenant is directly and exclusively responsible for any damages that may be caused to third parties or objects, for any cause imputable to him/herself or any of the Guests. All guests must be over 16 years of age, the right of admission being reserved for children under that age.

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