Culture and Beauty

Learn about the Basque culture and enjoy its beauty

During their stay at the Caserío, guests will be able to learn about the incredibly rich Basque history and culture and, at the same time, enjoy its natural beauty with beautiful landscapes and fantastic beaches. We will be delighted to assist you in organizing a custom-made tour of the region with visits to local and internationally renowned museums and restaurants. Sports fans will be able to enjoy world-class sailing and surfing in some of the best break-points in Europe and cyclists will be able to enjoy hundreds of kilometres in spectacular surroundings.

Museo Balenciaga .- Getaria. Few minutes from The Caserío
Museo Zuloaga .- Zumaia. Approx. 7 kms. (4 miles) 10 minutes driving
Santuario de Loyola .- Azkoitia. Approx. 25 kms. (16 miles) 30 minutes driving
Museo Chillida – Leku .- Hernani. Approx. 27 kms. (17 miles) 35 minutes driving
Museo de la Sidra Vasca .- Astigarraga. Approx. 35 kms. (21 miles) 30 minutes driving
Museo de la Industria Armera .- Eibar. Approx. 37 kms. (23 miles) 40 minutes driving
Santuario de Arantzazu .- Aitzkorri-Aratz. Approx. 64 kms. (40 miles) 60 minutes driving
Imperial Chapel (France) .- Biarritz. Approx. 80 kms. (50 miles) 70 minutes
Museo Guggenheim .- Bilbao. Approx 85 kms. (53 Miles) 65 minutes driving
Museo de Bellas Artes .- Bilbao. Approx. 85 kms. (53 miles) 65 minutes driving
Museo Marítimo de la Ria .- Bilbao. Approx 85 kms.(53 Miles) 65 minutes driving

While staying at Caserío Pikamendi guests will be able to attend a wide range of cultural events. The Vitoria and San Sebastian Jazz Festivals takes place in July in consecutive weekends, first in Vitoria and then in San Sebastian. The International Film Festival of San Sebastian is held annually in September, is one of the 14 “A” festivals accredited by the FIAPF and attracts world class films that compete for the “Golden Shell”. The Quincena Musical de San Sebastian (an annual event during the months of August and September), is a must for classical music fans, bringing to the audience some of the greatest orchestras and choirs in the world, including San Sebastian’s own Orfeon Donostiarra. These are just a small “taste” of plans you could enjoy during your stay


Traditional or sophisticated meal but always top quality.

The Basque Country is said to be the region with the most Michelin-Star restaurants per capita in the world. Guests may find over forty restaurants awarded with at least one of the coveted stars. Having said that, one doesn’t have to reach deep into one’s pocket to enjoy an exquisite culinary experience. Whether it’s a fresh fish dish at one of the local restaurants at Getaria’s harbour, “pintxos” in San Sebastian’s “parte vieja” (old town), “Chuletón” (t-bone steak) at a local “sidrería”, or a tasting menu at one of the excellent awarded restaurants, your palette will certainly be satisfied.

Some of the extremely good restaurants in the area are:

Martín Berasategui .- Lasarte. Chef Martín Berasategi.- Approx 26 kms. (16 miles) 30 minutes
Akelare‎ .- Igueldo. Chef Pedro Subijana.- Approx 30 kms. (19 miles) 40 minutes driving
Arzak .- San Sebastian. Chef Juan Mari Arzak.- Approx 34 kms. (21 miles) 40 minutes driving
Mugaritz .- Errenteria. Chef Andoni Luis Aduritz.- Approx 34 kms. (21 miles) 40 minutes driving
Zuberoa .- Oiartzun. Chef Hilario Arbelaitz.- Approx 38 kms. (24 miles) 40 minutes driving
Etxebarri .- Atxondo. Chef Víctor Arginzoniz.- Approx 55 kms. (34 miles) 47 minutes driving
Azurmendi ‎.- Larrabetzu. Chef Eneko Atxa.- Approx 70 kms. (43 miles) 55 minutes driving

This list contains only some of the world´s most famous restaurants, but the options are vast and we would be delighted to make recommendations depending on your preferences.

Surrounding Cities and Towns

Lovely places that stand out for their history or traditions.

Below please find a list with some of the cities and towns that may be of your interest during your stay at Caserío Pikamendi.

Zarautz and Zumaia .– Less than 10 minutes drive from The Caserío
Donostia (San Sebastián) .– Approx  25 kms. (15 miles) 30 minutes
Eibar .– Approx 35 kms. ( 22 miles) 30 minutes
Hondarribia (Fuenterrabia) .– Approx 46 kms. (28 miles) 40 minutes
Oñati .– Approx 58 kms. (36 miles) 45 minutes
Saint Jean de Luz (France) .–  Approx 60 kms. (37 miles) 50 minutes
Gernika .–  Approx 75 kms. (46 miles)  70 minutes
Bilbao .– Approx 80 kms. ( 50 miles) 60 minutes
Biarritz (France) .– Approx. 80 kms. (50 miles) 60 minutes
Bayonne (France) .– Approx. 83 kms. (51,5 miles) 60 minutes
Pamplona .– Approx 97 kms. (60 miles) 75 minutes

Less than two hours driving from the Caserío you will reach the Rioja Area where some prestigious wine companies have their vineyards and caves which are open to the public if you have a previous appointment. Also, you can visit the beautiful caves in Navarra.

Caserio Pikamendi
Caserio Pikamendi
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